How Can I Motivate Myself To Do Homework?

Academic life is stressful, with students having to juggle so many things at the same time. Their tasks no more comprise of only homework and tests. One has to have some co curricular activity and do some social service outside their educational institution. To add up to their hectic schedule, homework keeps piling up. Homework is not a burden if it is interesting. Yet, many a times that homework that students get is boring. At times the students are unable to solve the tough homework that their teachers assign. It is really difficult to keep one motivated to do my homework. Just looking at the increasing piles makes one wish to hide. So how do you keep yourself effectively motivated? Here are some tricks.


Never try to do all your homework at one stretch. It makes the task monotonous and seems more stressful. Your body and might both requires some breaks after being functional for a long period of time. Don’t overstress your brain as it ceases to function properly unless you give it breaks. If you leave your homework till the very end, you will have to struggle and sit for long hours to complete it. Instead if you do a little bit of homework every day or at intervals, you won’t be bored and your work will be done. This is the easiest way to stay motivated. Solve your homework for an hour and then take a fifteen minute break. Watch a bit of television or listen to some music to refresh your brain. You can also go out and take a walk if you feel oppressed by homework.


Many students make the mistake of doing the homework of one subject for a long time. It easily gets them bored and makes them abandon their homework. This is a wrong method. If you have the homework of more than one subject pending, switch. Say, you solve math for an hour then take up your literature homework. At the university level you can switch between topics. It prevents the task from being too boring. Before you know if your homework will be solved, a little at a time.


Many people reward themselves to accomplish a boring task. You can tell yourself that after you complete the homework of two subjects you are going to have a delicious ice cream. It really works at time as you are expecting a nice treat after putting an effort.