Quick Advice On Math Homework Problem Solving

In math, the term problem solving often refers to word problems which can be particularly tricky to figure out. They always seem difficult at first, but once you get a good system in place, they can be really easy for you to get through. Homework like this requires a good set of rules to follow. The rules for problem-solving that tend to work best for the most people are pretty simple. If you follow them, you should be on your way to answers in no time.

The System

  • Break it down
  • Go step by step
  • Use visual aids

Break It Down

Now, with homework problems like this, there are a lot of words. What you need to do is break it down to one simple thing. What is it asking you? Find the actual question first. Finding the question is the first step to problem-solving. So one you have found the question that you are being asked you can move on to the next step in the system.

Go Step By Step

Now this is when you want to look at each individual element of the problem. You will either need to use math or just regular logic to figure out the answer so figure out which kind of problem it is first. Next, use all of the information in the problem to get you to the answer. This may sound difficult, but that is where the next step comes in to make it easier for you.

Use Visual Aids

Using visual aids, as simple as drawing on your notebook paper, can be of huge help to you here. If it tells you, there was a race and who everyone finished before or after you can simply write the names down on paper putting each in place to get the right answer. If on the other hand it asks you about a train going so many miles an hour one way and another faster the other way, drawing the trains may help you to see the problem in all three dimensions.

Word problems may seem impossible to figure out the first time you read them, but if you use this easy three step system, it should be much better. Go as slowly as you have to in order to get to the correct answer when you are doing this kind of homework.