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Guest: Dr. Brian O'Leary (1940 - 2011) The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis & Free Energy Alternatives'

Radio Streaming Broadcast: December 26, 2011



Guest: Dr. Brian O'Leary

Dr. O’Leary, Ph.D., was a scientist-philosopher with fifty years of experience in academic research, teaching and government service in frontier science and energy policy.  He was a NASA scientist-astronaut during the Apollo program, the first to be selected for a planned Mars mission, and participated in unmanned planetary missions as an Ivy League professor. Over the past four decades, Dr. O’Leary has been an international author, speaker, peace activist, founder of non-profits, and advisor to progressive U.S. Congress members and presidential candidates. Brian’s latest and final book prior to his passing in July 2011, “The Energy Solution Revolution”, describes the enormous potential of breakthrough clean energy technologies, their suppression and their logical necessity for our survival.  Zero-point (vacuum) energy, cold fusion, and advanced hydrogen and water chemistry could provide us all an abundant future for all of humanity. In 2004, he and his wife, the artist Meredith Miller, moved to the Andes in Ecuador, where they co-created Montesuenos – an eco-retreat and educational center dedicated to creativity and the rights of nature.


A passionate environmentalist open to innovative solutions, Dr. O'Leary was special consultant to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, wrote speeches and was senior advisor to environmental presidential candidate Morris Udall. He also helped presidential candidates George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Jesse Jackson on economic policies to convert from polluting and military activities to green initiatives.He is currently on the faculty of the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, teaching in the Masters program in Transformational Psychology. He is co-founder of the New Energy Movement (no longer President). He has recently completed the Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course and lectures widely at their ashrams and centers throughout the world. He is co-founder of the International Association of New Science and advisor to Dennis Weaver's Institute of Ecolonomics.


Over the past decade, Dr. Oleary has spoken or led workshops at the Esalen Insitute, the Findhorn Foundation, Oxford University, St. James Picadilly, State of the World Forum, the United Nations Youth Assembly, the International Conferences on Science and Consciouness, the International Forums on New Science, the Philosophical Research Society, the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, Unity churches, Chuches of Religious Science, the Yuba Seminars and dozens of other venues worldwide. With his artist-wife Meredith, Brian is founding Montesueños, a retreat center and botanical garden in the Ecuadorian Andes dedicated to finding deep peaceful and sustainable solutions to humankind's war on nature and to implement these at local, regional and global levels of action.  They also plan to have many workshops and residences in the arts.  Many international groups will be coming during 2008 to launch this unique new facility, known for its great natural beauty.

Select HERE for Dr. Brian O'Leary's 2010 end of year thoughts


The Energy Solution Resolution

During these times of global political change and fiscal austerity, it seems that only one class of clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources can get us through these times: new, breakthrough "free" energy. If properly understood and developed, these previously suppressed technologies are the only path towards having affordable clean energy. The sources include vacuum energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen chemistries. The capital investment and environmental impact required to deploy free energy to replace hydrocarbons and nuclear energy would be miniscule compared to the trillions needed to implement a pervasive economy of any other source, even including conventional renewables such as solar, wind and biofuels. The Energy Solution Revolution is a social and political mandate to create an awareness and a movement to develop these sources as soon as possible for the sake of all humanity and the Earth.


Dr. O’Leary is passionate about bringing new energy solutions into mainstream consciousness. "Embracing the possibility of a breakthrough energy solution revolution should be our mandate, not an idle speculation to be ignored, ridiculed or feared. To thread the needle of free energy, a critical mass of us will need to muster the courage to take this fire walk together. New energy offers the world clean and abundant sources of power and represents a conscious choice we must make if humanity is to survive and prosper.” 


Images & Copy Courtesy of Dr. Brian O'Leary (1940 - 2011) © 2011

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