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Guest: Peter Shiao CEO & Founder of Ironpond - President of the Shaolin Association of North America

Radio Streaming Broadcast: February 24, 2012

Peter Shiao

Peter Shiao is CEO and founder of Ironpond, a US and China based entertainment company that produces and finances Asian themed entertainment for worldwide markets and distributes them through traditional and new media platforms. Ironpond is backed by Los Angeles and Wall Street based Endgame Entertainment, and has multiple joint ventures with prominent Chinese entertainment companies, including the China Film Group. Prior to the founding of Ironpond, Peter teamed with former Tristar Chairman Mike Medavoy to co-founded Ionic Studios – an end-to-end digital entertainment company – and served as its managing director. In that capacity, Peter worked with AT&T, and multiple partners to launch an interactive and branded television network, and to develop various methodologies in digital content production, post production and distribution around affinity communities.


Peter also produced and created films under the first movie banner he founded, Celestial Pictures. Celestial’s films included RESTLESS – the first-ever official US-China film co-production, The DEBUT and the documentary feature “Persona Non-Grata” for PBS. His first film project, Charlie Apana, was sold to John Woo’s Lion Rock Productions. Credited as a bridge-builder between Hollywood and China, Peter chaired and organized the first-ever US-China Film Industry Conference with the White House and the Chinese Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, and produced landmark cooperation between the creative, governmental, and entertainment industries on both sides of the Pacific.


Before his career in media, Peter worked in politics, serving as staff director multiple bodies in the California Legislature including the Special Committee on the Entertainment Industry, Select Committee on the Pacific Rim, Committee on Insurance, Claims, and Corporations, and the Senate Special Task Force on A New Los Angeles, Peter has also worked as a mediator, and specialized in the mediation of racial tensions in Los Angeles in association with the Federal Justice Department and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center. Peter began his public service career as a legislative liaison for then mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, on Capital Hill. As a translator and editor, Peter translated the Chinese/Tibetan book entitled “Dragons Dancing on the Rooftops” into English for the Philosophic Research Society, developed and edited “Merging” as a book, music and immersive art exhibition, and is currently at work on adapting classic Chinese martial arts literature for the Western world. Peter graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science, and attended graduate school in public policy as a State Senate Fellow.  He makes his permanent home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles with his wife Catherine.


The Shaolin History


Shaolin Temple is situated in the Songshan Mountain ranges of Dengfeng City, in Henan Provence, China, said to be “heartland” of China where much of Chinese civilization originated. Shaolin Temple was established in 495A.D. during the Northern Wei dynasty by its then emperor to accommodate the Indian master Buddhabhadra. Later, another Indian monk Bodhidharma arrived at Shaolin Temple, who was said to have crossed the Yangtze River on a reed. Bodhidharma spent nine years meditating in a cave of the Wuru Peak just behind the Temple, and initiated the Chinese Chan tradition at Shaolin Temple. Thereafter, Bodhidharma was honored as the first Patriarch of Chan Buddhism, now known to parts of the world as Zen.


Legend also had it that Bodhidharma found monks weak and unhealthy after long meditation practices, so he developed movement to strengthen them, which formed the basis of ShaolinKungfu. Shaolin Kung Fu later evolved into over 700 forms of martial arts, and became the cradle of much of the martial arts practiced in the world today. In the 1500 years since its founding, Shaolin has endured wars, famines, invasions, revolutions, and also presided over times of great peace and prosperity. Its large cannon of stories, practices, culture, personalities and historical data is the stuff of legend, and has inspired countless adaptations in traditional and popular culture around the world.


Shaolin Association of North America

The Shaolin Association of North America, serving all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, was formed by the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Shi Yongxin in April of 2011 to provide its friends, enthusiasts, and supporters direct access to key offerings of the Temple. The key objectives of the organization are:

· To build an on-going, multifaceted educational and cultural platform to share the ideals, knowledge and practices of Shaolin in North America

· To offer resources to and support of its members in a way that enhance their capabilities to serve the North American community at large

· To provide a link for the general public to authentic Shaolin teachings and practices


The primary programs of SANA currently include:

·An Annual Shaolin Summit that will bring together its global family

·Touring Masters series featuring key Shaolin Masters

·Hosted retreats and visitations at the Shaolin Temple

·Special community and educational initiatives to at risk communities


Images & Copy Courtesy of Peter Shiao © 2011

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