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Guest: Tom Oliver CEO & Founder World Peace Festival - An Introduction 'The World Peace Festival Berlin'

Radio Streaming Broadcast: April 17, 2012 (Originally broadcast June 2011)



Tom Oliver


Image Courtesy Anke Jacob © 2011

Tom Oliver is an eclectic man. He is a singer/songwriter who grew up in the United States and Germany, went to Wharton School of Business, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics (Wharton / Cologne). He has a passion for health and fitness and holds a black belt in the martial arts. He is also a fervent snow- and wake boarder, surfer and kite-surfer. He works tirelessly to foster peace through the World Peace Festival and the World Peace Partnership, of which he is the founder and CEO. The World Peace Festival (WPF), held in Berlin, Germany, is among the world’s largest annual public gatherings of people in support of peace, environmentalism, and social justice. The World Peace Partnership (WPP) is a unique holistic approach to a global peace-building strategy that comprises 7 long-term initiatives. Hailed by the UN as “a cross between Live 8 and the World Economic Forum,” the WPP is supported by an impressive list of international partners, including the UN and ambassadors at Google, luminaries such as Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, philanthropists such as Warren Buffett’s son Peter and business leaders such as Richard Branson. Oliver says ‘Wars start in the minds of people before they are ever fought on the battlefield, so this is where change needs to begin.’


World Peace Festival Berlin 2011

The World Peace Festival from August 20th - 27th 2011 comprises of three major elements: Inspiring music performances on August 20th, several art exhibitions during the week and a unique peace building conference from August 26th to August 27th. Below you find more information about each of these elements.





World Peace Partnership

World Peace Partnership is a non-profit, non-partisan, international acting organization with the aim to systematically initiate and foster processes for worldwide peace building. With support of the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the United Nations Department of Public Information the World Peace Partnership combines its own unique and holistic peace-building strategy with initiatives and the long-standing practical knowledge of renowned peace building experts. The goal of the World Peace Partnership is to create global movements that will serve to inspire systemic policy changes for peace and help to prevent and reduce conflicts between people, countries and creeds. From 20th to 27th of August 2011 the inaugural World Peace Festival will take place in Berlin as medial launch for the World Peace Partnership. On the occasion of the festival the campaign "The Arms Deal - taxing arms profits to help arms victims“ will be launched, demanding a one percent tax on all profits of arms exports investing the revenue to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.




Images & Copy Courtesy of World Peace Festival & Anke Jacob © 2011

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